Magento 2 Re-indexing

Introduction To Magento 2 Re-indexing

Index Management is one of key feature in Magento 2. Whenever one or more items are changed, Magento 2 will reindex automatically. This data can be reindexed include creating catalog or shopping cart price rules, price changes, adding new categories, and some other data. Re-indexing is performed as a background process, and your store remains […]

Magento 2 Cache

Magento 2 Cache Mechanism

Cache Types:   Magento 2 used following cache mechanism Configuration Layout Block HTML output Collection Data DDL Entity Attribute Value (EAV) Page Cache Reflection Translations Integration Configuration Integration API configuration Web services configuration How To Clear The Cache: Basic method to clear the cache is using system cache. To access the Cache, you will need […]

List of Magento 2 Commands

Magento 2 Commands List

Below is the list of most important SSH / CLI commands for Magento 2 that I have found useful. To use these commands you will need to have SSH access to your server or use the Command Line for local access. Setup Upgrade Using Command Line php bin/magento setup:upgrade If you don’t want to remove […]

Difference Between Magento1 and Magento 2

Difference Between Magento 1 and Magento 2

After about 10 years of Magento 1, Magento 2 was released to target many of Magento 1’s shortcomings by leveraging the experience gained from many years of community feedback. Following is the short list of some of the most major issues that have been fixed in Magento 2.   Introduced plugins To Resolve Extension conflicts: […]