Magento 2 Cache

Magento 2 Cache Mechanism

Cache Types:


Magento 2 used following cache mechanism

  • Configuration
  • Layout
  • Block HTML output
  • Collection Data
  • DDL
  • Entity Attribute Value (EAV)
  • Page Cache
  • Reflection
  • Translations
  • Integration Configuration
  • Integration API configuration
  • Web services configuration

How To Clear The Cache:

Basic method to clear the cache is using system cache. To access the Cache, you will need to login to your admin dashboard and navigate to the System>Cache Management section.


System Cahe

To flush the entire Magento 2 cache, simply click on the big orange button titled Flush Magento Cache.

Flush Cache

To clear a specific cache, you need select that one and submit it.

To clear the additional cache like following there is more options as following.

Command usage for clear the cache

php bin/magento cache clear [type]

php bin/magento cache flush[type]

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