Magento2 Sales Booster

Magento 2 Sales Booster

Increase your website’s trust factor by showing other customers purchases made by others.

It’s no secret people are more willing to buy from an online store if they know that it’s a reputable source.

Magento 2 Sales Booster for  shows a latest  notification to the visitors about the sold product mentioning how long ago the product was sold. It gives the visitors an idea about the trending products as well.


Main Features!

  • Automatically syncs your products and orders
  • Desktop and Mobile compatible
  • Customize how the notification popup looks
  • Customize the behavior of the notification


Installing the Extension


First you have extract the extension in local folder, then create the following folder path app/code/Expertdeveloper and upload there the extracted folder and files here it will be be something like app/code/Expertdeveloper/Sales
Connect via SSH to your Magento server as, or switch to, the Magento file system owner and run the following commands from the (root) Magento directory:

▪ cd path_to_the_magento_root_directory
▪ php -f bin/magento module:enable Expertdeveloper_Sales
▪ php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
▪ php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile
▪ php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy


Please download extension from here.

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