Setup Multiple Stores in Magento 2

Magento 2 multiple stores functionality is a key feature by which one can create more than one store for different purpose, To be very simple if someone want to configure two different stores than they will need to be do following steps:

1) Choose Store Domain
2) Create the New Store
3) Create Default Store View
4) Setup the Store URL 

Choose Store Domain

The basic step to run more than store in magento 2 is you need to select which store will run in which domain or subdomain, It can be configured as following.

  • To place the store one level below the primary domain,nothing to do.
  • Choose a different primary domain.
  • Choose a subdomain of your primary domain.

Create the New Store

Following steps will help you to add new store in magento 2.

  • Go to Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > All Stores.
  • Click on Create Store.
  • Select the Website that is the parent of the new store. If there is only one website, use the default “Main Website”.
  • Put Name for the new store, just for the system use.
  • In the Root Category field, you will set the root category for the main menu of the new store.
  • The created root categories are shown in the dropdown list, select one for the store.

Click Save for apply these setting for new store.

Create Default Store View

Now after creating new store it need to create store view for this newly created store. it can be create by following steps below.

In Admin panel click on Create Store View.

  • Assign the Store to the newly created store.
  • Put the Name for the store view.
  • Type the Code for the store view with lower case.
  • Choose “Enabled” for the Status.
  • Specify the Sort Order that is position of the new store in the list.
  • Save Store View to save all settings.

Setup the Store URL

In this step we can configure URL for newly created store.

  • Admin Panel, go Stores > Settings > Configuration.
  • Under General, select Web.
  • Select the Store View to check the new store you added.
  • Click OK to verify the scope switching.
  • Need to open the Base URLs section
  • Clear the Use Website checkbox, that is next to the Base URL field.
  • Change the Base URL for the store.
  • Open the Secure Base URLs section below to set the store’s secure URL if its required.
  • Save Configuration to apply changes.
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